Our review of top 5 Metabase alternatives for data analysts

Metabase is a Business Intelligence as well as an open-source tool that helps data humans to connect data sources,query and visualizedata. Its high-quality visualizations help to ease data analysis workflow and make better data-driven decisions. 

In the context of self-service data analytics, Metabase is doing very well because it supports drag-and-drop query building, which is very ideal for non-tech users, who don’t need too much knowledge of SQL. However, it might not be the first option for businesses that require their data team to showcase in-depth SQL execution. Therefore, it can be a limitation for some companies 

This article will walk you through 5 top Metabase alternatives so that you can get a deep understanding of business intelligence tools to empower the potential of your data analysis. 

Why should you find Metabase alternatives for better your data analytics

As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right data visualization tool depends on your business’s requirements. If your company is a small-sized one, you can choose a tool that is reasonably priced, and contains features that help to quickly yield insights and grow. If your company stores and needs to analyze tons of data regularly, based on business requests, a tool that supports complex SQL queries and works smoothly must have been your priority.

Now let's see why you should find a Metabase alternative that fits your business

Limited complex queries

  • One of the SQL alternatives Metabase did is the query builder, allowing users to drag and drop SQL. However, it can be a barrier for your analysts and engineers to execute complex SQL to get their desired data answers. 

Lack of customizable visualization elements

  • Metabase is for simplicity, however, Metabase dashboard has some limitations. Graphs and design elements are repetitive and limited. Some data analysts want to customize their visualizations and dashboard so that they can attract and deliver storytelling dashboards to stakeholders. Metabase limits the capabilities to do so, for example, there are only 9 colors that users can choose  

Barriers on joining data

  • If you have multiple data sources and want to join data, you are not allowed to do so. You are enabled to work smoothly with only a SQL data source 

Metabase pricing

Metabase price for using Cloud

Metabase price using On-Prem

Quick glance at Metabase alternatives

Top 5 best metabase alternatives which help to create data visual dashboards are Dataflake, Tableau, Holistics, Looker Studio, Cluvio. Let allot a few minutes to overview these options along with diversified criterias


Dataflake is a Metabase alternative that streamlines data analysts' and engineers' data works since it allows them to easily create highly customizable dashboards and securely embed data as URL of iframe on any websites or portals. 

Key features

  • Connect to Data Sources, write the query, and build charts. Allow custom and style charts and other elements like a design tool. Support pre-built templates to simplify users 
  • Share the dashboard by scheduling email delivery to send to the right member.
  • Embed charts or dashboards to websites, etc
  • Other Dataflake forthcoming features to automate and reduce data working time:
  • Collaborative queries help the data team to manage, communicate, collaborate, and track query health in just a single page
  • Data anomaly detection: Create and track any anomaly that deviates from the defined thresholds. Get alerted to quickly troubleshoot issues
  • Data Incident Management: Allow team members to triage data and set adversity levels to better management
  • Data Quality Management: Track data volume, data freshness, and data schemas to ensure there are no stale data and no abnormal data changes. Get notified via communication channels like Telegram, Email, SMS
  • Data BOT: Ask and answer questions related to the query to conveniently get quick insights

Metabse vs Dataflake: Why does it matter?

Both are modern BI tools for analysts to analyze and visualize data. 

Metabase supports non-technical users to build their dashboards with visual SQL builder. Therefore, they don’t need to have steep learning curves to do so.

Metabase aims for simplicity with a simple and easy-to-use interface, so users can quickly build their dashboards. However, it might be an obstacle for those who want to beautify their dashboards with design options, colors, styles, etc. 

Dataflake, in contrast, requires users to know SQL so that they can get the exact answers they need via writing complex queries.

Dataflake significantly concentrates on customizable options so that data analysts can create attractive, stunning dashboards to better get outcomes 

Besides, with upcoming features Dataflake is about to release, it aims to automate and simplify data humans, not just only a dashboard tool. And, the price is completely reasonable, which is ideal for SMEs


  • $10/user/month. For enterprise inquiries, contact Dataflake
  • Dataflake offers completely free using Dataflake until May and implementing a beta program for first distinguished users to experience the latest new features.

Dataflake offers free until May


  • Combination of a dashboard tool and a design tool for customizable and stunning dashboards 
  • Cheap price for a bunch of features to automate and streamline data workflow management


  • Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers (ideal for data analysts and engineers)
  • SQL is required 


Tableau is the ubiquitous BI tool that is used by people from several areas, including IT, sales, marketing, HR, and business operations. Tableau is ideal for visualization, interactive charts, data forecasts, etc, for better data-led decisions

Key features

  • Using a simple drag-and-drop interface to connect, analyze and visualize data
  • Accelerate data exploration via live visual analytics. Without writing code, you may combine, organize, and create complex calculations.
  • Preparation of Data data for analysis should be combined, shaped, and cleaned.
  • Make better decisions with machine learning (ML), Einstein Discoveries, and forecasts and recommendations.
  • Guided model development, what-if scenario planning, and AI-powered predictions help make better decisions.
  • Integrate data seamlessly into goods and applications.
  • Share and work together across departments on data with the entire team. Receive alerts via Slack for any data problems



  • Rich libraries of data sources and visualizations
  • User-friendly interface


  • The wide platform requires users to learn more to master
  • Some limitations in functions 


Holistics is a self-service business intelligence platform that facilitates non-technical users to create their visualization and deliver insights without depending too much on the help of engineering teams.

Key features

  • Assist drag-and-drop SQL query so that non-technical users can create dashboards without writing any line of SQL query 
  • Allow embedding dashboards on any websites, applications, and portals 
  • Share insights with the team with Slack integration 
  • Define data logic with the modeling layer
  • Write code (DSL) to define analytics logic, then check via Git version control 
  • Integrate with dbt to perform data modeling and transformation 


Holistics offers a 14-day free trial. Its paid plans include 3 categories. If you choose an entry, you need to pay $150 a month, $550 a month for the standard option, and for the custom plan, you have to contact Holistics.


  • Visual SQL Builder to support the ones without steep learning curves
  • Advanced visuals for a better experience 


  • Some restrictions in visualizations and design elements
  • Plans start at $100/per month 

Looker Studio

Looker Studio, formerly known as Google Data Studio is a well-known data analytics and visualization tool that empower data teams for better decisions and business growth 

Key features

  • Seamlessly connect to Google-provided connectors, that help accurate and smooth dashboarding.
  • Analyze and visualize data with charts and visualizations
  • Pre-made dashboard templates to get inspiration for your dashboards 


Looker Studio is completely free. However, if you want to have some data connectors, you have to pay for them. It happens the same with data storage, data processing, etc. 


  • Free 
  • Easy and quick to create your dashboards


  • Unable to automatically schedule email delivery. You only share the dashboard like you do with google docs
  • Ideal for marketing people, not fit for data analysts
  • Some limitations in customization 


Cluvio helps using SQL and R to analyze data and build interactive dashboards. It is the cloud analytics platform for data teams and startups 

Key features

  • Support 13 chart types to create beautiful dashboards 
  • Share dashboards through emails or links so that members can access them 
  • Schedule dashboard sharing through emails to stakeholders
  • SQL editor features to allow datasets in detail, generate SQL snippets and suggest relevant visualizations 
  • SQL alert to get notified on any setting condition. Being automatically informed via email 


Cluvio offers 14 days for a free trial of the business plan. There are 4 plans you can opt for

  • The free plan (limited some features)
  • Pro plan: $279/ month
  • Business plan: $669/ month
  • Enterprise: $2250+/ month


  • SQL alerts to facilitate team
  • Good filter function and dashboarding
  • Custom queries 


  • Require SQL knowledge
  • Limitations in customizing visualizations
  • Some reviews say Cluvio is a little bit expensive, and not ideal for startups 

Want to highly custom your visualizations and dashboards?

To find a suitable data visualization tool, business owners need to take into account many factors: meeting demands, reasonable costs, facilitation, etc. Metabase is undoubtedly a great tool. Nevertheless, to find a Metabase alternative that serves most of your requirements, there are many options out there you can consider. Dataflake is one of them!

Dataflake helps data analysts quickly discover insights via analyzing and visualizing data. With elegant charts and design elements, you can tell data-led stories to stakeholders, helping answer business questions. Dataflake is the best fit for SMEs with very cheap cost and streamlined features, supporting rocking your business.

Sign up for unlimited free usage with Dataflake, and join our beta program to be the first one to experience our upcoming features. Visualize and beautify your Dashboards in just a few minutes! 

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