Improve productivity with Embedded Analytics

Embedded Analytics to websites or applications allows business to reduce the burden of developments, and recurring costs. Your business will be free to focus on key values for stakeholders.


Speed Up Dashboard Production

It takes over several months to build it by yourselves, while pre-built embedded analytics option leads your business to a fast go-to-market strategy.

Reduce Production Cost

Think about a team of developers building Dashboards and work on maintenance, innovation, etc. Aww! It’s costly. Embedded analytics will save two-thirds of your production time.

Concentrate on your Core

Keep developer resources to stay focused on core competences for your products.


Embed Analytics to your tailored software

Easy, Fast and Secure embedded analytics

Frequently Asked Questions


How Embedded Analytics work?

Embedded Analytics allows you to integrate analytics into your own web application (via an iframe) so that your clients can view the reports / analytics related to their data.


How long does it take to share Embedding?

Generate url or iframe in just a few minutes


Do all stakeholders see full Dashboard?

It depends on your setting. You can decide which Dashboard that stakeholders have the right to view or not by setting the role, authentication, sealing to ensure security.


Can viewer see my database credentials when sharing?

When sharing with view role, viewer(s) can't see anything about your queries and databases, everything will be done in our server and we send only the result to viewer(s).
When sharing with edit role, editor can see queries, databases information but they can't see the database credentials

Take full control over your data visualization without constraints

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