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. You must be amazed at how these features cut half of your data work. 
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Upcoming core features

Upcoming features to facilitate your data work, for more efficient results

Manage queries in a single page

Edit your queries, communicate and add review with your teammates to track the health of queries. Also, quickly see all query changes to get work done faster. All is in just a place.

All queries appear in a single page and detailed status about these queries

Data Anomaly Monitoring

Select and automatically monitor your metrics. Getting alerted via multiple channels if your selected metrics exceed data thresholds that be set.

Data Quality Monitoring

Constantly monitor your data to ensure less data downtime and errors. Keep posted on Data Freshness and Data Volume. Alerting users to any data quality problem.

Data Incident Management

End-to-end observability to your data over time. Automatically identify occurred incidents and get profound details of reported incidents such as: status, timeline and severity. Now, it's easier to investigate, respond and resolve your data incidents in a single page.

Dataflake BOT

Level up business insights with automated DataflakeBOT. Let the automated BOT answer your questions right away based on condition setting, so you don't have to go back and forth asking and answering questions

And many more exciting features

Interactive styling view

Pre-configuring what style options users can change or enable/ disable

Multi-chart view

Switch between different types of chart for the same dataset or having multiple variable for the same type of chart

Version history

Keep track of all the changes with your dashboard and charts.

Worksheet editor mode

Get Excel worksheet editor mode to focus on creating table data.

Snap-to-grid editor mode

Easily add elements in grid layout and elements automatically move/ drop rows so that you spend less time on re-arranging the layouts.

Dashboard multi-language

Ability to set auto language translation to your dashboard.

Chart recommendation

Recommends the best types of chart to be used with your connected dataset

More charts

Expand your data visual possibilities with more chart types such as radar, waterfall, gauge, boxplot, bullet, timeline, treemap, whisker, and more map chart types

Chart forecast

Enjoy beyond data analytics visualization. Power up your data analytics with predictive analytics


Page grid layout for dashboards so that you can quickly get started on adding elements without thinking on how to best arrange the elements on the dashboard.

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