Who we are

Dataflake is built by a data-savvy team who work relentlessly to create a beautiful but powerful data visualization for any data individuals. We help data team to seamlessly come together, collaborate and faciliate their works. We support companies ease their daily data works and quickly deliver insightful business values.

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Dataflake founder trains with his team about the product
Dataflake team members in the dicussing sessions

At first, Dataflake is a Data Visualization Tool,...

We started as a passionate team including Singapore and Vietnam members. Our team who has expertise and a wealth of experience in data field initially built a highly data visualization tool. We worked for businesses with many different projects which utilized the power of data to help them grow quickly. During our journey, we continuously asked ourselves that how Data Analysts can quickly build a beautiful Dashboard? How data-led teams can automate their data workflows to ease their work? And how they can collaborate and communicate with their teammates effectively? With that concern, we have been expanding our team and constantly comprehensing our tool. Ultimately, we are proud to announce to the world that Dataflake is officially released. Stay tuned! With our upcoming features, we'll amaze diverse people with their data-field works. Empower your data and reach quick data-driven decisions.

Our power is in our people

Our multi-cultural and diverse builders are dedicated to drive our business forward. We believe that a great product comes from great people. We teamed up with data - avid heros across French, Vietnam, Singapore with the same mission: Bringing people together and streamline their data works. Our founder, team leaders and devoted members who work so hard to build not only a strong team regardless of our locations but also a powerful Data Visualization tool. 

Stay tuned! Our team is expanding. May you be the next hero?

Team members take pictures together and join discussion

Our people and culture

Dataflake is not only a single-source-of-truth tool and a business but also a long journey in which every builder has been diligently working to innovate new features to improve user experiences. We willingly support and share our success and experience to each other for growing. Therefore, we care and prioritize our people on top. As a global team, we flexibly choose our workspaces, at the office, fully remote or hybrid options. We always let everyone's voice be heard and value that. Besides promoting our employee recognition and wellbeing, we have frequent sessions with our founder to come up with and discuss any ideas to help boosting our team culture.

Our partners and Investors

We are independent, fully committed and self-funded so far.

We have grown organically so far to let everyone focus on their core to build a great product. Dataflake is frequently comprehensed based on your feedbacks so that we can deliver the best experiences for users. We're respectfully looking for both Industrial Partners and Investors with an aim to perfect Dataflake and bring it closer to data-driven companies, helping to address data challenges.

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