Top 5 free dashboard softwares for SMBs in 2023

In our connected world, many businesses, regardless of size, are surfing tons of data. Analyzing and visualizing data are practices that data analysts and business intelligence analytics do frequently to yield insights for stakeholders, then make better decisions. To showcase the key hidden findings in visible, digestible visualization formats, dashboard software is definitely in your usage. 

Dashboard software allows you to collect, track and visualize complex data in an interactive manner. Through compelling and customizable dashboards, you can efficiently communicate with your clients, stakeholders, and team members with intuitive graphs, charts, maps, designing elements, etc. 

As an owner of an SMB, you definitely know how powerful data helps your business’s growth. Choosing the right dashboard software for your business takes a lot of consideration. In this article, we share in detail the top 5 free dashboard softwares for SMBs that help you analyze and visualize data like telling compelling stories  

Top 5 free dashboard softwares?

The top 5 free dashboard softwares for visualizing metrics are Dataflake, Metabase, Tableau, Looker Data Studio, Cluvio 


Dataflake is a data visualization and embedded analytics platform that helps data individuals tell better stories through interactive visualizations, for better data-driven decision

  • Dataflake is a free highly customizable dashboard tool to help data individuals analyze and visualize data that attract audiences. 
  • Designed for Data Analysts and developers.
  • Use SQL to extract data from data sources: PostgreSQL, click house, MySQL, Microsoft SQL server, flat files 
  • It has friend UI help you to visualize data via graphs and design elements like a design tool 
  • Allow you to custom graphs, charts, and dashboards to create beautiful ones 
  • Sharing dashboards throughout email by scheduling 
  • Embed dashboards to any websites or applications 

Besides that, Dataflake is about to release new features that help collaborate and automate data workflow, including Collaborative queries, Data Anomaly Detection, Data Incident Management, and Data Quality. It offers a beta program for users to be the first ones experiencing this feature.


Metabase is an open-source dashboard tool that enables you to visualize data and embed analytics into websites and tools.

  • Suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises.  

The free version deployed on On-Prem offers:

  • Suitable for small, medium, and large enterprises. 
  • Having an intuitive user interface and an integrated visual query builder enables expert users to dive down into the data and uncover hidden insights.
  • With more than 15 built-in visualizations and over 20 integrated data sources to create stunning charts and dashboards.
  • Be able to use 15+ visualizations.
  • Schedule updates via email or Slack.

Tableau Public

You can use free Tableau Public to explore, visualize and share data publicly online. Tableau Public offers rich libraries of data topics from business, economy, environment, public sector, and so forth. 

  • Be for business teams, and data individuals. They can seek instruction right on the open source community and resources 
  • Create stunning graph and other visualizations without any line of code 
  • Export and share dashboards at ease in formats such as excel, CSV, spreadsheets
  • Interact with the global community to share mutual knowledge 

Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) enables users to collect raw data from several Data sources and present them into beautiful reports or dashboards. Then these dashboards can be shared with your members or clients 

  • Tailored with ones who want to build dashboards without paying any costs. Ideal for marketers, however, it is not free for connections that don’t be provided by Google. For example, if you want to connect data from Semrush or Ahref, you have to pay more

You can see Google Data Studio Alternatives to find the best Dashboard software for your business 

  • Import data by over 850+ data sources and 650 connectors to import data.
  • Have pre-made templates to plainly create Dashboards 
  • Quickly share reports and dashboards with your teams  


Cluvio is a cloud analytics platform for small and medium enterprises and data teams. It allows using SQL and R to collect, analyze and create beautiful dashboards to deliver to stakeholders 

- Cluvio offer a free version, which is for a single user, however, there are some limitations, for example, limited to 3 dashboards, 1000 query executions/ month, and all analytical capabilities 

- 13 chart kinds are supported to create stunning dashboards.

- Send emails or links to dashboards so that members can have access to them.

- Share your dashboard with stakeholders via emails.

- Use SQL editor that allows for detailed datasets, produces SQL snippets, and recommends pertinent visualizations

- Be notified via SQL alerts if there is a deviation from the thresholds. Get automatic notifications through email

Which free dashboard tool is best for SMBs?

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMBs) typically have limited resources and budgets, so when it comes to data visualization tools, they need a solution that is both effective and affordable. Here are some factors that SMBs might look for in a free data visualization tool:

Ease of Use: SMBs need a data visualization tool that is easy to use and doesn't require extensive training. The tool should have a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to create visualizations quickly and easily. This definitely does wonders for them to attract and compel audiences so that the decision-making process is much more quickly and effective.

Customization: Each business has unique needs, and SMBs are not an exception. They must have needed a tool that allows them to customize their visualizations to suit their specific requirements. The tool should offer a range of customization options, such as the ability to change colors, fonts, styles, etc.

Data Compatibility: SMBs need a tool that is compatible with their data sources. The tool should be able to import data from various sources, such as spreadsheets, databases, and cloud storage.

Data Security: SMBs need to ensure that their data is secure and protected. The tool should have robust security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data privacy.

Dataflake is a suitable free dashboard tool for SMBs

Dataflake is offering unlimited free access to all features until May. This is so great for SMBs to give it a try before making decisions implementing data visualization tools for their business. Even after May, the price is super affordable, $10/ a month.

Dataflake helps SMBs to build interactive Dashboards with highly customizable visualizations in order to tell data stories efficiently. Dataflake also enables you to embed analytics into any applications or websites in a secure manner. Moreover, businesses can save far more time and effort in sending email reporting by email delivery schedule. Let Dataflake do the automation and ease your recurring work.

Now, let’s try Dataflake, and let’s streamline your data works and boost the power of your data! 

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