Facilitate Your team Dashboard Development Work Loop

Easily create real-time dashboards for your team and integrate them into your own site in minutes.

embed real-time dashboard configuration with role settings and password

How Dataflake benefits IT Ops

Time-saving development

Allow IT Devops to spend less development time to focus on what's matter.

Collaborating with teams

Chatting and discussing with your colleagues on queries for higher-quality queries.

Securely sharing insights

Insure the right visualizations to be delivered to the right people.

Bridge the gap between teams

Convenient features that facilitate operation between technical and non-technical teams

Dataflake helps boosting dashboard development processes

Cloudimage is an image transformation, compression and acceleration API, helping developers save time with image resizing and compression and marketers with accelerating loading times for better SEO.
Cloudimage has used Dataflake to serve customers having high needs to access real-time monitoring of their DAM usage by enhancing their dashboard development processes

Take full control over your data visualization without constraints

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Interface - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates