Fully Customizable Visualization for your interactive Dashboard

Creating interactive dashboards has never been easier by easy-to-use features and advanced styling options. Visualize charts and share actionable insights to stakeholders easily.

pie chart, line chart and bar chart together with dataflake automated email delivery


Highly Customizable

Build Interactive Dashboard to spread story telling by selecting a wide range of intuitive charts and style settings that meet your needs.


Free up more of your working time by optimizing your recurring heavy tasks with built-in features such as report scheduling.

Secured & Customizable Sharing

Simply configure authentication and sealing to securely share your charts or dashboards with your team members, clients or partners.

Unlock insights through Data Visualization

Engage stakeholders with accessible and enticing Dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Dataflake store my data?

It depends,
No, in case you don't use cache feature, Dataflake will send the query to your database server, take the result and send directly to viewer.
Yes, in case you use cache, Dataflake will store the query result in Dataflake based on the cache time. This will help us display the dashboard faster for viewer, and reduce the load for your database server.


Which permissions database role/user need (Readonly database)?

Dataflake sends the query directly to your database and no more than that, so the database user just needs the SELECT (Read) permission on tables used in the SQL. We always recommend giving enough permissions to your user to keep your database safer from cyber attacks


Is it easy to create a Chart?

It is easy to create a chart. After writing a query,  add your chart from the left toolbar. Then config data and start visualizing your chart with highly customizable design


What is Dashboard Delivery?

Dashboard Delivery (a.k.a email delivery) allows you to send Dashboard via email like sending email as usual. You can add recipient, email, subject, discription and set time, date and occurency.

Take full control over your data visualization without constraints

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